About Us


Hey, Love! My name is Tiara and I'm the founder of Luxelash. I am 20 years old and am currently studying Business Entrepreneurship & Tourism. Some of my passions would include music, fitness, fashion and not to forget - beauty, of course. I started Luxelash not solely to create a brand, but to create a bond for sisterhood where we can share knowledge with one another, similar interests and a desire for self-confidence! I am devoted to my brand, the products & to the services I offer to my customers & believe in developing personal relationships with each and every one of you! So, feel free to find me at my personal socials below♡

Instagram: @bachbaby

Youtube Channel: Tiara Alicia

Spotify Artist: Tiara Alicia


At Luxelash, we're against animal cruelty which is why we ensure that all our products are vegan or do not contain animal-derived ingredients. Free from artificial dyes & chemical processes, our products are sterilized & hypoallergenic too. Luxelash believes in being more than just an online retailer. We want to be a platform to share knowledge & spread love all around the world!
We aspire to motivate creativity, support individuality and share a passion with our customers - by providing a range of high quality products at affordable prices. 
Luxelash offers a range of premium lash products, suitable for any mood & any occasion. Quality assured, Luxelash is 100% cruelty-free, sustainable & vegan - from our products to packaging. As customer service is our top priority, we hope to provide an excellent shopping experience & quality products for all our customers.