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Quadro Collection
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Quadro Collection

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Bringing you our Quadro Collection. This set of lashes comes in 3 different variations - Natural, Dramatic & Mixed. Made of synthetic fibres, these lashes will give you a 3D effect on your eyes whether they're natural or dramatic. 

Natural: For all our natural babes. Perfect for every day wear to accentuate your natural lashes. This set comprises of 4 lashes - Brimstone, Holly, Desert & Mariposa.

Dramatic: For all our dramatic divas. Suitable for those who love a full makeup beat. This set comprises of 4 lashes - Nevada, Lustrous, Atlantis & Ivallda.

Mixed: For those who can't decide or willing to try something new. If you're fickle-minded just like us, this set is for you!😂 This set is a mix of some natural lashes, dramatic lashes and also the in-betweeners. You'll also spot a special pair that'll challenge your comfort zone just a little. It consists of 4 lashes - Lustrous, Mariposa, Janetta & Lilac.

• Reusable
• 100% Cruelty-free
• Vegan
• Easy to apply.

• Plastic micro-fibres
• Cotton bands


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